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    • Kalamazoo College Women's Archery 

      Kalamazoo College (Kalamazoo College, 1933)
      Two unidentified female Kalamazoo College students practicing archery. The practice field is between Academy and Lovell streets, near Arcadia Creek. The view looks toward South Street. The photograph is dated "Ca. 1933" ...
    • Spring 1976 Kalamazoo College Women's Varsity Awards 

      Unknown author (1976)
      Includes recipient and type of awards for 1976 Kalamazoo College Women's Tennis and Archery teams.
    • WMIAA Archery Results, May 4-5, 1972 

      Unknown author (1972-05-05)
      Team and individual scores for the participants (Albion, Alma, Calvin, Hope, Kalamazoo, and Olivet Colleges) in the May 4-5, 1972 WMIAA Archery contest.
    • WMIAA Archery Tournament May 10-11, 1968 

      Unknown author (1968-05)
      Includes individual and team scores for the 1968 Kalamazoo College Women's Archery team.
    • WMIAA Archery Tournament Rules 

      Unknown author ()
      Rules for a WMIAA Archery Tournament held at Kalamazoo College's Calder Field. The date is unknown.