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    • Williams Hall 

      Kalamazoo College (pre-1916)
      Construction was completed in 1849 on Upper Hall, which was originally meant to house the Theological Seminary. However, the four story structure became a men's dormitory. As originally built, it consisted of 36 study ...
    • Upjohn Library 

      Kalamazoo College ()
    • Trowbridge Hall 

      Kalamazoo College ()
    • Hoben Hall, Kalamazoo College. 

      Taylor, Jack, Ektachrome maker (Kalamazoo College, )
      Color postcard view of Hoben Hall. Back of card is printed "Hoben Hall, Kalamazoo College, Kalamazoo, Michigan. Residence for men. This beautiful structure accommodates 116 students." The card is not postmarked but Harmon ...
    • The Old Branch 

      Kalamazoo College ()
    • 2 College Grove 

      Kalamazoo College ()
    • Weimer K. Hicks 

      Kalamazoo College; Kalamazoo College ()
      Weimer K. Hicks was the 12th president of Kalamazoo College, serving from 1953-1971.
    • View of Bowen Hall from the Quad 

      CPI ()
      This image shows Bowen Hall from the Quad. In the background at right is one of the additions to Welles Hall. Bowen Hall was built in 1902 and demolished in 1968. Photographed by CPI (Negative no. 1718-5).
    • Mandelle Memorial Library Handbook for Students 

      Unknown author ()
      Pamphlet detailing various rules and regulations regarding Mandelle Library, such as library hours, fines on late materials, and how to locate a book. In addition, pamphlet gives a brief overview of various rooms and ...
    • Hornbeck House 

      Kalamazoo College ()
    • Light Fine Arts Building 

      Kalamazoo College ()
    • Mail Hut 

      Kalamazoo College ()
      The Mail Hut was located in Hicks Center near the Union Desk.
    • Dow Science Center 

      Kalamazoo College ()
    • Kalamazoo College Bowen Hall 

      Unknown (Kalamazoo College, )
      Kalamazoo College's Bowen Hall. Bowen Hall was dedicated at Commencement in June, 1902, and served as the College's main classroom building for over half a century. It was named for Charles Clark Bowen, longtime chairman ...
    • Reference Room of Bowen Hall 

      Unknown author (pre-1933)
      Photograph of the Bowen Hall reference room.
    • Kalamazoo Ladies' Hall Association 

      Unknown author (1882-09)
      Booklet containing the preamble, articles of association, and by-laws of the Kalamazoo Ladies' Association, whose purpose was to secure funds to build a dormitory for women on campus.
    • Corner Stone of the Young Ladies' Home 

      Unknown author (1884-06-13)
      Small card giving the time and place for the corner stone ceremony for the Young Ladies' Home, also known as Ladies Hall or Wheaton Lodge.
    • Kalamazoo Hall 

      Kalamazoo College (1887 post)
      Kalamazoo College's Lower Hall. Located on the corner of South Street and Michigan Avenue, the cornerstone of Lower Hall (also known as Kalamazoo Hall) was laid on August 28, 1857. The building was completed in 1859. The ...
    • Woman's Education Society 

      Unknown author (1888)
      Report created by the Woman's Education Society, detailing the activities of their annual 1888 meeting, possible objections to their organization, and both their state and local constitutions.
    • Kalamazoo College 1898 Birds'-Eye View 

      Schoch, George W. (Kalamazoo College, 1898)
      A birds'-eye view of Kalamazoo, showing Kalamazoo College's Lower Hall, or Kalamazoo Hall, (right, with cupola) and baseball field. Lower Hall was completed in 1859. The original structure featured towers on the north and ...