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This collection contains student intercultural research projects during their study abroad in Beijing, China.


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    Peng Ke Wan Sui! or May Punk Live for Ten Thousand Years!
    (2001-01-29) Buck, Dan
    First and foremost, a warning to the reader: This paper will not at all reflect in-depth sociological research of modern Chinese society, as such a task is patently impossible. As Chinese society rushes at a desperate pace into the future, it is beyond anyone's ability to keep up with the daily changes taking place. Rather, this is simply going to be an account of the experiences that I have had working at a bar throughout the month of January. This, of course, seems entirely laughable, banal, a waste of time, and hardly a worthy topic for academia. I make no argument to the contrary, but in my defense, I do believe that I have learned a few interesting things about working, living, drinking, and rocking in Beijing.
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    The ICRP of Meghan Keeler
    (2001-01-29) Keeler, Meghan
    Coming back to Beijing on the fourth of January I still had no real idea what to expect of my internship. I knew I would be working with an artist, at least that's what his card says, by the name of Wang Jinsong. I knew he did a photographic exhibition involving the character chai. And I knew, from what I'd seen thus far, his work is western-influenced and, typically, interesting if not good. Unfortunately I mostly knew this because I had wanted to do some kind of photographic "something" involving chai and I decided to work with Wang Jinsong mostly because he'd beaten me to the punch. I suppose that's fair, first dibs probably should go to citizens or persons fluent in the language. It's probably also worth mentioning that my thoughts about the character chai and would it could represent artistically has gone about as far as "hehe, cool." Wang Jinsong, on the other hand, had an idea for how he planned to use his photographs of chai in order to express something about modernization that goes beyond the picture of the icon.
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    (2001-02-23) Derman, Noah
    I started this project with three main goals. First, being placed in an environment where the only language I can use is Chinese. During my internship everyday I studied at my art teacher' s house. Both my teacher and his students were all Chinese and nobody spoke English. My second goal was combining my interests of Chinese and another skill. Therefor I could practice Chinese, learn a new skill and specify a vocabulary of my interest in Chinese. Not only did I combine my interest of Chinese and painting but also my interest in Buddhism. My final goal was to be put in a position that I otherwise would not be able to be in if it was not for my internship. I spent over 90 hours in the home art studio, learning how to paint, eating dinner and talking with a group of Chinese that I otherwise would not of had the chance. Therefor. I managed to meet all my goals and many more during this internship
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    An ICRP Report on working at a school for children with disabilities.
    Lee, Catherine
    To fulfill the completion of my ICRP credit I will be working at the Beijing Chao Yang Mentally Retarded Children Rehabilitation Center. At the start of the semester the required hours were to be 75 hours, however, due to Chinese New Year being celebrated early this year the requirement was lowered to 40 hours and 25 in extreme cases. Every Tuesday through Thursday I worked at the center from 9:00 AM until 4:00 PM. As an intern at this facility I primarily acted as a teacher's aid and helped the teachers and nurses to carry out their daily activities and classes with the children.
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    Integrative Cultural Research Project Final Paper
    (2001) Bartuski, Andrea R.
    The following three weeks I have interned at the Civil Society Program, a project of the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and the Canadian Embassy in Beijing, China where I worked to complete my Integrative Cultural Research Project (ICRP). The Civil Society Program is one of the projects of the Canada-China Cooperation Support Unit, which is comprised of CIDA and the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation. worked with Shannon Ellis, the Civil Society Program Coordinator, for most of my internship. The final day of the internship, I assisted Meaghan Duthie; the coordinator of another CIDA program called the Canada Fund. Originally, I planned to complete eighty hours of internship before the end of my ICRP. However, I was previously unaware that Ms. Ellis and Ms. Duthie are not members of the Canadian Civil Service. In fact, they are both on part-time contracts through CIDA. Therefore, they both work about ten days per month. This, along with the early arrival of Spring Festival, allowed me to complete only approximately fifty hours of internship.
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