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This collection includes Senior Integrated Projects (SIPs, formerly known as Senior Individualized Projects) completed in the Art and Art History Department. Abstracts are generally available to the public, but PDF files are available only to current Kalamazoo College students, faculty, and staff. If you are not a current K College student, faculty, or staff member, email us at to request access to a SIP.


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    Dream Of
    (2023-06-01) Xiang, Lingrui (Venessa); Collazo-Llorens, Nayda
    This article primarily describes the entire process from starting as an art major to choosing Shamanism and dreams as the main theme to the conclusion of the Senior Integrative Project (SIP). It is a narrative that begins with limited knowledge of dreams and gradually develops a connection, using surrealistic techniques, to explore the balance and unity between Shamanic culture and personal experiences, visual and sensor, dreams and reality.
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    Pax to the Past : Mesopotamian Cuneiform : A Series of Short Educational Videos for Middle School Audiences
    (2023-06-01) Irish, Mary; Koenig, Richard
    Pax to the Past is a series of short, less than 1 minute, videos which showcase Pax a green alien creature broadcasting to earth to talk to kids his age about his special interest our earth history. This first line of 5 videos focuses on Mesopotamian Cuneiform and are made for a 5th grade audience. I will go into the very long process I had to make these videos and why I chose them for my Senior Individualized Project (SIP). The format of this paper will be mainly chronological moving from before college then through each year to the present and end by reflecting on the videos I have produced.
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    If Lines : The Visual Sense and Impact of Lines
    (2023-06-01) Jiang, Hao; Collazo-Llorens, Nayda
    This paper contains a written narrative, artist statement, and image addendum mine Studio Art Senior Individualized Project (SIP), which is the titled “If Lines.” Through continuous exploration and digging of lines, connecting, crossing, and rotating, that the main theme of my wood sculpture has gradually formed: The Visual Sense and Impact of Lines. I have always been interested in lines and complex lines. Line-drawing is one of the most important tools in the field of art, and it is also the simplest and most complex art in the world. Lines are all around us, and through features of human psychology such as finding straight lines and trying to make sense of what is being seen, we perceive the outside world as a set of arrangements corresponding to the surrounding background. How to show visual sense and impact through lines is what I pursue and have been working on. Interior design is what I am interested in and my starting point. I try to use wood, rope, and paper to create a sense of space, shadow, and viewing angles between the second and third dimensions, sequentially expressing and presenting the visual sense and impact I want to convey. In some of my works, I use traditional Chinese mortise and tenon joints to achieve precise and stable wood connections. Through my SIP, I hope these works resonates with the viewer and sparks a connection with the indoor spaces and architectural forms that surround us.
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    The Spontaneous Manifestation of a Creature’s Psyche
    (2023-06-01) Sarver, Leonardo; Rice, Thomas, 1960-
    This paper is a narrative of the process associated with my Senior Integrated Project The Spontaneous Manifestation of a Creature’s Psyche. It explores my creative journey of self discovery through art. I will tell a somewhat chronological story of the creation. Beginning with background on my thoughts and feelings leading into my final year at Kalamazoo College, then recounting the three chapters of the project’s creation. The first; the fall, and advanced studio. This section explains my thinking and feelings throughout a class and a series of pieces created during the class. The second; acts as a bridge connecting the series of pieces from advanced studio to what I would ultimately make for my project. This narrative is a personal exploration of the growth I experienced throughout the process.
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    Physicality of Texture : The Act of Making
    (2023-06-01) Basso, Elena; Lindley, Sarah, 1973-
    This paper will dive into the process of creating the works apart of my Senior Integrated Project (SIP) titled The Physicality of Texture: The Act of Making. The experience of touching the materials is an important part of my process; I allow my hands to do the thinking. Through my sense of touch, I can better understand the form, texture, and ways of connection. I am also interested in abstraction; the physicality of this method helps guide me. Physicality to me is about action– the physical act of playing with the material. I like to think about my sculptures as if they are alive, so to describe my work, I reference the human body using words such as skin, spine, and pores. The intention behind my work is not a direct abstraction of the human body. Instead, I find the human body just to be a reference point. There are steps to my method of creating. The texture is driven by the physical act of playing with the material. I like to think about different methods of action such as stretching, scrunching, and draping and how the directionality of the texture can relate to the curves of the form. I am interested in the tactile potential of my work and hope that I can generate sensorial experience for my audience. This paper will start off with the explorations in the fall quarter class Advanced Studio leading into the creation process during the winter quarter SIP Term including methods, techniques, materials, and concepts apart of the process. Then introduce artists who inspired my works and my practice. Lastly ending with a reflection over the entire process, acknowledgments, and images to show the body of works and their process.
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