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Frances Diebold held the following positions at Kalamazoo College: Instructor in Biology, 1923-1927; Assistant Professor of Biology, 1928-1932; Director, Physical Education for Women, 1924-1925; Associate Professor of Biology, 1933-1948; Professor of Biology, 1948-1967; Professor Emeritus of Biology, 1967-1989.


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    The Impact of Warming Waters on Daphnia and the Implications for Freshwater Ecosystems
    (2023-09-01) Bailey, Annalise; Elser, James; Girdler, Erin Binney, 1969-
    Temperature increases in freshwater due to climate change have created more stress on ecosystems. Heat stress is particularly detrimental to ectothermic organisms as they are very sensitive to environmental changes. Because of this, warming has the possibility of altering the dynamics of aquatic ecosystems. This review paper investigates the implications of warming waters on Daphnia, a genus of planktonic crustaceans found in freshwater reservoirs. Daphnia are keystone species within their habitats and therefore have immense influence within food their ecological communities. Because of this, studying Daphnia’s responses to warming waters can give insight into the impact that global warming will have on freshwater. This review analyses studies conducted within the past five years and focuses on the physiological responses, implications for changes in the food web, and finally, how Daphnia responds to multiple stressors like the influence of warming in addition to pollutants. The research indicates that warming temperatures cause physiological changes in multiple species of Daphnia that have consequences for the organism’s fitness levels, however, they also showed the ability to adapt. The food quality of Daphnia was also found to be impacted by warming waters which could potentially be problematic for nutrient transport to higher trophic levels. Finally, warming seems to amplify the impacts of pollutants in many cases, and Daphnia seem more susceptible to this interaction.
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    Diebold Symposium to Feature Biology Research Projects
    (Kalamazoo College, 1998-04-09) Greenhoe, John
    The Diebold Biology Symposium is a two-day scientific meeting, modeled after an academic conference, which includes a keynote lecture followed by a showing of senior biology majors' research projects, which they complete as a graduation requirement.
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    Rob Townsend Wins Frances Diebold Award
    (Kalamazoo College, 1996-06-05) Greenhoe, John
    Rob Townsend, recycling and resource recovery coordinator at Kalamazoo College, has been honored as the 1996 recipient of the Frances Diebold Award. The Diebold award is unique, offering students their only opportunity to recognize a College employee for outstanding interest in student life at Kalamazoo College.
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    She Has Touched Thousands of Lives
    (Kalamazoo College, 1987)
    An informational flyer about Dr. Frances Diebold and the efforts to raise money for a biology center within the Dow Science Center.
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    Memories of Frances Diebold
    Quotes from former students of Dr. Frances Diebold, retired Professor of Biology at Kalamazoo College, probably taken around the time of her retirement in 1967.
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