Smallpox, 1913

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On April 3, 1913 the Kalamazoo Gazette ran the following headline, “Small Pox Appears At College ‘Dorm’ Wednesday Evening. Dr. Stetson Orders All Students To Be Vaccinated At Once. Glee Club Members Are Scared. Dr. Rockwell Warns All Pupils to Take Precautions Against Spread of Disease. To Quarantine Those Who Do Not.” The student who was sickened with the deadly disease was Ernest Piper, a member of the Class of 1914 and a soloist in the men’s Glee Club. He was quarantined in the men’s dorm and students were quickly vaccinated against smallpox, preventing a wider outbreak at the college and the city.


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    Ernest Piper
    (Kalamazoo College, 1913)
    Ernest Piper was a member of the Class of 1914 and a member of the college’s Glee Club. A Kalamazoo Gazette article from April 3, 1913 announced that Piper was diagnosed with smallpox. It stated, “Piper was walking around, and seemingly in good health until the afternoon, when he suddenly took sick and went to bed complaining of a sick headache. Developments were rapid. Blotches soon appeared on his face and one of the students, frightened, called a doctor who immediately pronounced it smallpox.”
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    Smallpox! 1913
    (Kalamazoo College, 1913-04) Moyle, Lydia Buttolph, 1893-1984
    Three students stand on the overhang above the door to the men’s dormitory, holding a sign which is not legible. The photo appears in the scrapbook of Lydia Buttoph, Class of 1916, and is captioned “Smallpox! 1913.” After one student became sick with smallpox, the students in the men’s dorm were required to be vaccinated or they would otherwise have to quarantine.
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    "Being Campused Don't Spoil Our Good Times."
    (Kalamazoo College, 1913-04-06) Moyle, Lydia Buttolph, 1893-1984
    This image shows three women and three men on the grounds of the Kalamazoo College campus. The caption reads, “Being campused don’t spoil our good times. Sun. Apr 6, 1913.” The photo appears in the scrapbook of Lydia Buttolph, Class of 1916. On April 2, a student living in the men’s dorm was diagnosed with smallpox which led to a flurry of vaccinations among students.
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    Smallpox Vaccination Certificate
    (Kalamazoo College, 1913-04-03) Stewart, Leonard H.
    A note from Dr. L.H. Stewart of 413 S. Burdick Street dated April 3, 1913 states, “This certifies that Lydia Buttolph was vaccinated by the undersigned on the above date. Signed L.H. Stewart. April 30 – This certifies that the above vaccination was successful. Signed L.H. Stewart.” Dr. Leonard H. Stewart was a member of the Class of 1885.
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