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The Cauldron is a student publication of Kalamazoo College including poetry, fiction, essays, interviews, translations, music, and visual arts.


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    The Cauldron 2023-24
    (Kalamazoo College, 2024-06-03) Kalamazoo College; Alvey, Lana; Salamun, Greta; Mozina, Andy
    I. POETRY A history according to whales: A Sestina by Curtis Bell Jr. ** -- Yarn by Pablo Sanchez -- Dear Headlights, by Rex Jasper -- Tiktaalik roseae by TL -- A Martian – Opportunity – on Curiosity by Eliza A. Karlin -- Bitter Sweets by V. Amador -- An Endless Spring Afternoon by Emma Curcuru -- Ink in Tea by Curtis Bell Jr. -- Corridors of Thought by Ella Black -- All the could’ve been by Anonymous -- Forget-Me by Audrey Pegouske -- Stars and Holes by Benny My Dear -- All the things I wish I could tell you by Lana Alvey -- Hey Adam, by Lizzy Rottenberk --Hound Dog by Rex Jasper -- Biological Warfare by Harper Schrader -- I, OF THE HURRICANE by Rorie Dougherty -- Olas/Waves by Pablo Sanchez * -- Premature by Lou -- Flower No. 1 by Audrey Pegouske -- Yard Bowls by Eliza A. Karlin -- Pressed by V. Amador -- you are in the earth of me by Rorie Dougherty -- Ganymede Envy by Shannon Courtney -- Cold by Lana Alvey -- The Fishermen by Sofia Zoe Zeller -- Disillusionment by Rex Jasper -- Amber-Teared Mourning by Eleanor Campion -- how to float by Emerson Wesselhoff -- At Least I’m Not a Crack Addict by Shannon Courtney -- Blue Boy / I am by Benny My Dear **
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    The Cauldron, 2020-2021
    (Kalamazoo College, 2021) Kalamazoo College; Scarborough, Nehe-miah; Fournier, Talea; Enriquez, Vivian
    A selection of poetry, prose, and art from Kalamazoo College students.
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    The Cauldron, 2019-2020
    (Kalamazoo College, 2020) Kalamazoo College; Uyen, Pham Thu; Jew, Guilliana
    A Third Eye / Mansi Dahal -- Bugs for her / Maci Bennett -- Only as Good, Only as Strong / Emma Fergusson -- It’s Not As Bad As It Seems / Karla Navarro -- Dinner Preparations / Danny A. Galindo -- Hijo’s Sorrow / Francesco Giusseppe-Soto -- A Love Supreme, Pt 1 - Acknowledgement / Ashley Ver Beek -- Things I wanted to tell you while you were unavailable / Maci Bennett -- On the Wayward Path Home / Coronado -- The Good Deed / Emma Fergusson -- Hoops / Vivian Enriquez -- Gaagiizom / Sophia Hill -- 0 / Karla Navarro -- At the Well / Audrey Honing -- i tried to get high off lilacs the other day / Karina Pantoja -- better than my father, mama said / Aarzoo Qureshi -- lion on a scratchboard / Vikram Surendran -- theater of disappearance / Addisyn House - cold reflections / Coronado -- five heads reaching skywards / Audrey Honing -- i look at my instagram profile and think what if / Francesco Giusseppe-Soto -- Don’t be like this / Isabella Yeffeth -- i remember / Morgan Acord -- a prayer for / Ynika Yuag -- Cheetah / Madeline Earl -- David and the town / Savannah Dobreff -- Mi madre / Vivian Enriquez -- Coke / Asante Soloman -- (un)documented / Karina Pantoja -- Old Money / Madeline Earl -- have you tried meditating? / S. Whitfield -- an answer for my sisters / Ynika Yuag -- Fold / Rebecca Chan -- When i was / Aarzoo Qureshi -- Chan, Cynthia / Rebecca Chan -- thousand/separate/sentences / Mansi Dahal -- On Icarus regarding theorems / Sophia Hill -- Greyscale Galaxies of Granite / Cecilia Barkume -- Unsettled / Ashley Ver Beek.
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    The Cauldron, 2018-2019
    (Kalamazoo College, 2019) Kalamazoo College; Gutierrez-Garcia, Yuridia Luciana
    Sun-Drenched by Kayla Park -- Bonfire Blue by Madeline Lauver -- Hot Pot Days by Maya Wanner -- Ask About Me by Tamara Morrison -- Mother Tongue by Yasi Shaker -- Call Your Mother Once a Week by Addissyn House -- Hello, Friend by Maya Wanner -- Carlisle Indian Industrial School, Where Nanabush Must Call Himself Adam by Sophia Hill -- Papi's brown by Yuridia Luciana Gutierrez-Garcia -- La Ultima Cena by Marlyn Sanchez -- Dust Swims by Emiliana Renuart -- New Nepali Girl by Mansi Dahal -- My Flower by Yung Seo Lee -- Grandmother by Yung Seo Lee -- All hands on deck by Maren Prophit -- Life, recently, as 17 seconds in a movie by Evelyn Wagner -- Keep the Kids Busy by Audrey Honig -- Home/ jib by Kayla Park -- Untitled #3 by Elioenai Quiñones -- Self Portrait in Botanical Garden by Emiliana Renuart -- Summer House by Sarah Whitfield -- Papi Butterfly by Yuridia Luciana Gutiérrez-Garda -- Faces by Yung Seo Lee -- Vanitas Still Life by Sophia Hill -- Frog in Your Throat by Maren Prophit -- Above Water by Zoe Jurgensen -- Me on a Monday by Margaret Levin -- evil i by Emily Boyle -- Bulb by Lily Lauver -- Veiled Impressions, Oil on Canvas by Hannah Scholten -- Lemon by Evan O'Donnell -- Gentlemen, Behold! The Imposter! by Austin Ickes -- Like Dead Skin by Emma Fergusson -- i am the bluebird by Kayla Park -- countdown by Uyen Pham -- Reaching Rainbow by Mackenzie Landman -- Doctor's Orders by Sarah Pobuda -- Even the choice to swim to shore is loaded. by Madeline Lauver -- January by Rebecca Chan -- Color Study in October by Lily Lauver-- -- Digital life. Isn't it nice? by Austin Ickes -- Mercy of the Human Animal by Sophia Hill -- Cell Block Solar System by Emiley Hepfner -- Flowery Ashes by Simona Stalev -- Mind Voice by Zoe Jurgensen -- Untitled 12 by Elioenai Quiñones -- Flight by Madeline Lauver -- Reflection by Rebecca Chan -- Collage #1 by Natalie Markech -- paper man by Kay/a Park -- The Sorting Room by Brynn Rohde -- ithemus by Uyen Pham -- Becoming by Karina Pantoja -- Polaroid Photo of Red Man with Fringe and Stage Makeup by Sophia Hill -- Help by Maya Wanner -- Pledge for Faggots Against Our Exploitation by Corporations by Qynce Chumley -- Ode to Las Perras, Putas y Pendejas of 26th by Yuridia Luciana Gutiérrez-Garcia -- Divide by Samantha Lamrock -- Eyes flit open, tears mixing instant with water. by Madeline l.auuer -- One Bad Boy by Qynce B. Chumley -- excerpt from "Andariega" by Vivian Enriquez -- Bounce n' Break Your Back by Yuridia Luciana Gutiérrez Garcia -- Self-Portrait by Jennie Kwon -- Domesticity by Sarah Whitfield -- Composting: An Aesthetic Perspective by Evan O'Donnell -- Fly By by Cecilia Barkume -- pay attention to the line, now by Qynce B. Chumley -- Belonging by Yasi Shaker -- Ode to My Nepaliness by Mansi Dahal -- Scheherezade by Audrey Honig -- rebellion by Evan O'Donnell -- Hot Sauce in My Bag: Carrying Black Women into Academic Spaces by Tamara Morrison -- Untitled It by Elioenai Quiñones -- Journal Entries by Mansi Dahal -- The Center, Good Omen, The Middle, Bad Omen, Oh God, Oh God, Oh God by Qynce B. Chumley.
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    The Cauldron, 2015-2016
    (Kalamazoo College, 2016) Kalamazoo College; Meiller, Jordan; Oliver, Omart
    A selection of poetry, prose, and art from Kalamazoo College students.
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