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This collection includes Senior Integrated Projects (SIP's, formerly known as Senior Individualized Projects) completed in the Theatre Arts Department. Abstracts are generally available to the public, but PDF files are available only to current Kalamazoo College students, faculty, and staff. If you are not a current K College student, faculty, or staff member, email us at to request access to this material.


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    Radically Shameless: Creating and Performing the Original One-Person Show, Unzipped
    (2022) Chan, Rebecca; Pruis, Karen, 1962- (see Berthel, Karen, 1962- )
    Unzipped , an autobiographical collection of original monologues and songs, is the story of my coming-of-age as a queer Chinese-American. The best way I can describe it is as a theatre-concert: theatrical storytelling intertwined with dynamic, staged musical performance. The music all exists in the realm of indie folk and indie rock, composed for a band with keyboard, guitar, bass, and drums. The script of Unzipped is written to involve the performer’s whole self. The performer has to personify the main character’s psychology, embody other characters in the plot, and intuit with the musicians.
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    On Finding My Niche: Scenic and Projection Design for Unzipped by Rebecca Chan ‘22
    (2022) Mammel, Angela; Potts, Lanford J., 1962-
    Like many other students of creative studies, I deal with an immense amount of imposter syndrome, and I still frequently debate with myself about whether or not I am truly good at what I do. However, I know for a fact that my work on Unzipped was incredible. I did a fantastic job on my projections, and my scenic design provided a beautiful playing space for my images, as well as elevating Rebecca’s story spatially in a really interesting way. I worked harder on this production than any other production I have ever participated in, and it was nothing short of wonderful to sit in the audience of the final show in our run, knowing that I played a major role in creating the world of the play. I have undoubtedly found my theatrical niche in projection design, and I cannot wait to continue growing my skill set in this area in future productions at Kalamazoo College and beyond.
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    Peh-chaan (n.) : Identity, a Documentary
    (2010) Small, Sarah; Potts, Lanford J., 1962-
    This project is based on Pushpa Duncklee. It tells her story through film, pictures, and sound in the format of documentary film. Pushpa was born in India in the 1960s, she was sexually abused, lived in poverty, and then was sent to boarding school. After several years at boarding school, she was sent away in a taxi and flown to the United States. Her mother was told she was dead and Pushpa was raised by an American family in Oregon. The film will relive her story starting with her first memories in India, growing up with an American family, and when she went back to India for the first time many years later. This is when she first found out she was taken from her mother and not put up for adoption. Once reconnected with her family in India her adoptive mother passed away, as well as her biological father. To tell the story better, we will travel to India to see her biological family. This project is meant to tell a story which will evoke emotion, teach people about international adoption, the importance of family, and spread awareness. People will learn about the specific problems that adoptees face as well as India and the culture of its people. This project has several components including interviews with many people. Pushpa will narrate her story while others help piece everything together including her nieces, husband, ex-husband, daughter, friend, therapist, biological mother, adoptive mother, adoptive father, adoption specialists, and sister.
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    The Plural of Woman is Woman : a One Woman Presentation
    (1974) Kahler, Carol; Balch, Nelda K., 1916-2011
    The author present a one woman production that compiles monologues from plays and collections of monologues.
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    Wasn't Jim : Experimentations in Sketch Comedy
    (2005) Pancy, Trent D. H.; Menta, Ed, 1955-
    After a summer session at Chicago’s Second City Training Center, the author attempts to recreate that sketch comedy experience on campus and his SIP reflects his experiences in acting, playwriting, directing, and improvisation: the trials and errors of exploring comedy on a larger level than just cracking one-liners, the toils of managing a team of inexperienced actors, struggles with different levels of contextual appropriateness, and the chaotic rehearsal and creative process of what goes into a sketch comedy show. All of these things are broken down, diagnosed and explained.
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