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This collection includes Senior Integrated Projects (SIPs, formerly known as Senior Individualized Projects) completed in the Computer Science Department. Abstracts are generally available to the public, but PDF files are available only to current Kalamazoo College students, faculty, and staff. If you are not a current K College student, faculty, or staff member, email us at to request access to this material.


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    Refactoring COMP:107 with Python in Google Colab
    (2022-11-01) Giglio, Jasper; Cutter, Pamela A., 1970-
    As a computer science major and former teaching assistant, it is important to me to find ways to give back and help aspiring students feel welcomed into the department. That is why I spent my SIP working with Dr. Pam Cutter to refactor the COMP 107: Pictures and Sounds class to use Python. I chose this with the goal of making the class more accessible in a way that helps instill a stronger grasp of fundamental programming skills. While the old software that the class was built on (Jes4py) was effective for beginners, some parts of it were no longer supported by the newer versions of Python. Additionally, teaching a language that is almost never seen outside of one class is not a way to set students up for success. So, I set out to find ways to avoid Jython and do the class work either natively in Python or using more mainstream libraries.
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    My Internship Experience
    (2023-03-01) Nartley-Tokoli, William
    In this SIP reflection, I will be retracing my experience in a 3-month internship at Amazon. This was my first internship and the experience I gained from this internship was exactly what I needed to start my career and gain some first-hand experience into the life of someone in my chosen career (software development).
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    Administration & Website Design Internship : A Reflection
    (2022-11-01) Hang, Vien; Cutter, Pamela A., 1970-
    In this paper, I will discuss my administration internship at BÜK STUDIOS & Co. and the continuation of the skills I obtained in my development of a website for a local Kalamazoo Thai restaurant, Bangkok Flavor. With both being local small businesses in the Kalamazoo area, helping my community is important to me and I plan to explain these themes in my paper. I will explain my developmental processes and show the graphic designs that I created from scratch, including a new logo for the restaurant. Throughout this paper, I will reflect on the challenges I faced and the successes I made, at the end explaining how these experiences helped me grow as a Computer Scientist and explore new fields that intermingled with my interest in design.
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    Building a Web-based Interactive Query Builder at Microsoft
    (2023-01-01) Bin Shafqat, Usaid; Brady, Alyce
    Over the summer after my junior year, I spent twelve weeks interning at Microsoft, a multinational technology company headquartered in Redmond, WA. During this time, I learnt various new technologies and was exposed to a unique work environment which aided my learning. I worked for the IDEAs (Insights, Data, Engineering and Analytics) org, which deals with all the data Microsoft collects from its users. More specifically, I was working on the Pharos project, which eliminates the need for Microsoft's data analysts and scientists to code config files, by allowing them to create the code using an interactive website instead. These SQL-like config files are used to access Microsoft's database called Cosmos. I worked on various aspects of this website, improving user interfaces and user experience by adding new features and components. During my internship, I gained a significant amount of knowledge about the end-to-end development of a software product. I also gained experience working in a large corporation, interacting with employees, and understanding the teamwork required to successfully shop a large product. Additionally, I learned the importance of consistently improving the product based on user feedback. By virtue of being placed on a fast-moving team, I gained hands-on experience with some of the latest frontend and full-stack technologies (including React, TypeScript, and Redux) which has helped grow my software building skillset exponentially; I have also been able to directly channel that experience into my personal and school projects. In this paper, I will holistically describe my experience at Microsoft and deep dive into my responsibilities, project design, and the new technologies I learned and applied. I will also describe the challenges I faced and how I overcame them, as well as the impact of the internship on my future career plans. Overall, my internship at Microsoft was a valuable and rewarding experience that taught me a great deal about the software engineering industry and the work of a professional engineer.
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    Data Sets and Dead Ends in My Summer Internship
    (2022-09-05) Rowland, Tabitha; Cutter, Pamela A., 1970-
    During my experiential SIP, I learned about SQL and the resources available for online learning, the back-and-forth problem solving with big company IT departments to obtain needed program accesses, and the abilities that Microsoft Power BI provides when it comes to a live data stream. This essay details my journey chronologically, with emphasis on the skills learned and the work completed.
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