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Personal correspondence including letters and postcards written by Kalamazoo College students.


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    Mary McClure postcard, 1909
    (Kalamazoo College, 1909-09-23) McClure, Mary
    Kalamazoo College student Mary McClure writes to Mrs. George Bates in Ludington, "Hello Mrs. Bates, Am all settled and ready to dig. Lillian is rooming with me. Isn't that great? 'I am married now.' On the other side of this card, if you look closely you will find the scene of my labors. Write us once in a while so that we will know that Tinkam Ave. still exists. Lovingly, Matie." The 1909-10 academic catalog lists juniors Mary McClure and Lillian Krogen, both of Ludington, as living at 521 Locust St.
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    Letter from Nathan Church to his family, 1858
    (Kalamazoo College, 1858-02-20) Church, Nathan
    Student Nathan Church writes home to his family about college life in February of 1858. He discusses his roommate, the food, tuition, his classes, and fellow students. A letter written by Church's nephew is also included which gives more background information on his life. In addition to this, a 2007 alumni magazine was written about Church and it includes a full transcription of the 1858 letter.
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    Letter from C.B. Williams to President Stetson
    (1923-08-27) Williams, Clarke Benedict
    Professor C.B. Williams writes to retired Kalamazoo College president Herbert Lee Stetson about travel conditions on the S.S. President Lincoln. He focuses on the typhoon they sailed through but also mentions other travelers and the cabins.
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    Letter from Hittie Williams to her daughter
    (1923-08-26) Williams, Hittie
    Hittie Williams, the wife of Prof. C.B. Williams, writes to her daughter Elisabeth about the typhoon and other passengers on the ship as they sail from Hawaii to Japan in August of 1923.
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    Letter from C.B. Williams to his brother
    (1923-08-23) Williams, Clarke Benedict
    Clarke Benedict Williams writes to his brother Frank and sister-in-law Mary about his time in Hawaii and the typhoon he and his wife Hittie sailed through en route to Japan. The former student that Prof. Williams met with in Hawaii was most likely Edna K. Schutter, Class of 1918.
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