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  • Darkmatter 

    Durham, Elyse (2010)
    Darkmatter tells the story of Camellus Flacy, a young man growing up in rural Illinois. An introspective musician, he spends most of his time inside of his head--until World War I begins and he gets shipped off to France. ...
  • The Darkness and the Clearness: Theological and Psychological Implications of Sin and Grace 

    Riedel, Jonathan David (Kalamazoo, Mich. : Kalamazoo College, 1987)
    If we wish to understand life we must ask questions, questions that reflect an avoidance of easy answers or convenient moralizing, particularly if the questions have to do with the health and the disease of the human ...

    Patterson, Scott (1982)
    Before I begin to discuss my personal involvement and experienceswith- Darren, however, determination of the condition of emotionallyimpaired should,be ~stablished. The State of Michigan states -that',-the. 'emotionally ...
  • Darwin 200 

    Lightcap, Kathryn (Kalamazoo College, 2009-01-05)
    "Darwin 200" exhibit poster for the A.M. Todd Rare Book Room, January 5-March 12, 2009
  • Das Erlangen Rathaus als ein Beispiel der Organisation einer Stadt: An Integrative Cultural Research Project 

    Will, Abbe H. (2002-02-08)
    Die besonderen Streitfragen und Probleme, die sich ergeben, wenn sich viele Leute in einem kleinem Gebiet versammeln und leben, müssen in einer organisierten und demokratischen Weise behandelt werden. In dieser Hinsicht ...
  • Das Erlanger Teehaus: Eine Erfahrung mit Teamgeist 

    Goyings, Beth Anne (2001-02-02)
    Als das Konzept dieses Projekts mir erklärt wurde, wußte ich ganz genau, daß es mir wirklich Spaß machen könnte, wenn ich etwas passendes finden würde. Ein ICRP (Intergrated Cultural Research Project) hört sich schon sehr ...
  • Das Goethe-Institut 

    Blachut, Elizabeth (1987)
    Discusses the Goethe Institute, the reason for using Goethe's name, a short history of the institute, a discussing of those who use the institute, as well as the structure of the institute.
  • Das Leben und die Geschichte der Nonnen 

    Kamm, Jessica E. (2002)
    Eine Nonne, oder eine Ordensschwester, ist eine Frau, die ihr Leben Gott gegeben hat. Alle Nonnen wie ihre männlicht;,Gegenstücke in der römisch katholischen Kirche legen die Gelübden von Armut, Keuschheit, und Gehorsam ...
  • Das Uebersetzen: Kommunikation Europa 

    Klein, Peter C. (1990)
  • Data Base Management Systems 

    VanderWeele, Mary K. (1983)
    During the winter of 1983 I worked as an intern in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at GMI Engineering & Management Institute. Specifically, I created databases for office management and designed application ...
  • Data Model and Structure Descriptions and the Finance System 

    Langbo, Robert (1987)
    This report consists of two major sections. The first is a discussion of three data model types: Relational, Network, and Hierarchical. These discussions do not intend to fully explain the concepts behind these ...
  • Data Science : The Data Tidying Process with R 

    Roodbergen, Anna (Kalamazoo College, 2018)
    An enormous amount of data is generated every day. All of this data can be analyzed using concepts from data science. Data science is the science of extracting information from a data set to gain knowledge (Nongxa, 2017). ...
  • Daughter, We Are Gypsies 

    Castillo, Alejandra (2014)
    The author describes how her poetry collection transformed from a collection of poems based on the oral histories of women like her own mother who crossed the border from Mexico to a more personal collection: “it became ...
  • David Broder and Donald Flesche, 2008 

    Unknown author (2008-03-06)
    David Broder of the Washington Post pictured with Emeritus Professor Donald C. Flesche at the inaugural Flesche Visiting Scholar Lectureship, March 6, 2008.
  • David Brubeck Honorary Degree Citation 

    Ross, Barry F., 1944- (Kalamazoo College, 1991-11-22)
    Legendary jazz musician Dave Brubeck received an honorary degree from Kalamazoo College at a special Chapel ceremony on November 22, 1991. Brubeck had visited the campus in the 1970s and The Index reported the event.
  • David Easton Honorary Degree Citation 

    Unknown author (Kalamazoo College, 1972)
    Teacher, scholar and social scientist David Easton received an honorary Doctor of Laws degree at Scholars Day Convocation in 1972. This is the text of the degree citation.
  • David Hume on Tragedy 

    Brown, Terry M. (1966)
    What can be said of Hume? I would present the following characterization: he is not a Cartesian; nor is he an advocate of the pleasure of sympathy; nor does he put much faith in the moral end of tragedy. He is, in short, ...
  • David Hume's Theory of the Passions 

    Jones, David J. (1964)
    The purpose of this paper is a critical examination of David Hume's theory of the passions and emotions. Hume has tried to propose a purely mechanistic explanation of the passions. The theory of the passions proposed by ...
  • David Lloyd George and Anglo-Soviet Relations, 1917-1920 

    Jocius, Christopher R. (1965)
    The subject of this paper stems from my interest in Lloyd George and in Russia. My interest in Lloyd George is concerned with his energetic leadership in the political world; with Russia my interest is concerned with ...
  • David Louis Schorr Honorary Degree Citation 

    Unknown author (Kalamazoo College, 1975-06)
    Journalist Daniel Louis Schorr received an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree at Commencement in 1975. This is the text of the degree citation.