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    • A Working SIP at Pontiac Motor Division 

      Piehl, Forrest L. (1984)
      As part of a General Motors Scholarship, I did my Senior Individualized Project at Pontiac Motor Division of General Motors Corporation in Pontiac, Michigan. I worked there as an intern from September 4 through December ...
    • A Working SIP at the Upjohn Company 

      Whaley, Gerald Thomas (1986)
      The author describes his internship as a programmer at The Upjohn Company designing the forms, editing the programming, performing data corrections, and designing reports for a clinical trial.
    • A Working SIP: Kellogg Biological Research Station 

      Lewis, Greg (1986)
      From the period of September 20th through December 20th I participated in an internship at the Kellogg Biological Research Station (KBS) as a software developer. My Supervisor, John Gorentz, is the system manager of ...
    • Working with Stakeholders 

      Palchick, Lisa (2007-03-30)
      Effective collaboration with al the stakeholders is crucial to the success of the library project. You need yo know who to work with and who you need on your side, as well as how to navigate and manage the conflicting ...
    • Working Women: The Choice Between Cradle and Careers 

      Schaden, Renee (1987)
      Today's modern woman is faced with a multitude of choices. Women in three different stages of their lives making choices, compromises, and commitments necessary in balancing personal and career goals. Although my ...
    • Works on Paper 

      Gerard, John (1977)
      The author describes his senior collection of paintings and the importance of color and spacial harmony in his work.
    • Workshop on Negro History and Culture 

      Barrett, Laurence N., 1915-2002 (1969-05-27)
      A memo to all faculty at Kalamazoo College from Laurence Barrett, Acting Dean of Academic Affairs, advertising a summer workshop on Negro History and Culture.
    • World Food Systems: How Local Food in the US Affects International Food Systems 

      Hutchison, Emily (2011)
      This senior individualized project will begin with a discussion of my experience with the local food movement in Detroit. The scope of this paper will include the economics of, the merits -of local food and ...
    • The World Inside 

      Moran, Lauren M. (2010)
      My project approaches storytelling from the age-old tradition of folktales. I think that folktales have this element of magic that keeps them alive. What I mean is that these stories have somehow managed to survive for ...
    • A World of Church: A Study of Traditional Catholicism in Beverly and Evergreen Park, Illinois 

      Bowman, Marietta (Kalamazoo, Mich. : Kalamazoo College., 2001)
      Built on the concepts of individuality, hard work, and personal motivation, American society has blossomed and evolved from a vast-open landscape waiting to be developed to a mechanic, industrialized culture centered ...
    • The World of Commercial Barter 

      Jablonski, Scott R. (1997)
      The purpose of this paper is to introduce the concept of commercial barter to people that previously have not been exposed to this fascinating world. The first part of this paper is concerned with simplifying the theory ...
    • The World of John Updike 

      Bennett, Carl (Kalamazoo Gazette, 1973-10-30)
      Cast of the Faculty Readers Theatre production of "The World of John Updike." Donald C. Flesche is seated at left.
    • The World of the Four Year Old: Observations at a Nursery School 

      Halleck, Susan Gamble (Kalamazoo, Mich. : Kalamazoo College., 1966-09)
      I have no profound hypothesis for this paper. I am simply trying to describe things as I saw them, to report happenings and the people who caused them. I do not want to analyze or interpret for I don't have enough ...
    • A World of Traits: An Analysis of Computer-Simulated Trait-Based Social Networks 

      Warner, Rebecca J. (2004)
      This paper is a detailed description of my work on a project of computer modeling of trait-based social networks. The research was undertaken under the supervision of Dr. Jan Tobochnik, chair of the Physics Department ...
    • World Traveler Comes Home 

      Ragainis, Richard (2002)
    • Worldwide Direct Market Operations Ford Motor Company 

      Kill, Susanne (1998)
      My Senior Individualized Project is based upon the work experience I gained while working at Ford Motor Company. I worked in the Worldwide Direct Marketing Operations (WDMO) division in Brentwood, England. WDMO was set ...
    • The Worth of Lady Mary Wroth 

      Estrich, Amelia (2008)
      The author discusses the sonnets of the Elizabethan author, daughter of Sir Robert Sidney and niece of Sir Philip Sidney, focusing on her uniquely feminine use of several standard metaphors, her unique changes to the ...
    • Wound Healing by Potato tuber Tissue in Different CO2 Atmospheres 

      Nielsen, Jean Wason (Kalamazoo College, 1970)