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  • No Cure 

    Letherer, Arianna O'Malley (2017)
    The author combines her experiences volunteering in a hospital, interning in a cancer research center with her own grandfather's cancer diagnosis to create a collection of original poems.
  • Been This Way Awhile 

    Dickenson, Green (2018)
    The author introduces a collection of original poetry using the couplet to explore the author's experience.
  • Trinkets and Treasures : a Short Story Collection 

    Fordell, Delaney (2018)
    Introducing her collection of short stories, the author writes “possessions come to have particular significance in the lives of human beings. Memories are attributed to these tangible objects and so, like pictures, people ...
  • All-American : A Historical Fiction Novel Depicting the Tragedies of the Second World War 

    Bogue, Sean Elles (2018)
    The author discusses the film influences on his original novella set in the skies over World War II battlefields.
  • Construction of Convex Ideal Polyhedra in Hyperbolic 3-Space 

    Allgeier, Allegra (Kalamazoo College, 2019)
    The purpose of this project is to provide a method to construct a convex ideal polyhedron in hyperbolic 3-space given a set of internal dihedral angles that belong to a unique convex ideal polyhedron up to isometry. Thorough ...
  • Exploration of the Laplace Transform 

    Morales, Zach (Kalamazoo College, 2019)
    The author designed a Physics lab using the Laplace Transformation to be used in Dr. Tom Askew’s Physics 370 class. The Laplace Transform gives us another option when it comes to solving differential equations. In short, ...
  • Cavitation of Electron Bubbles In Liquid Helium-4 

    Bhimani, Kevin H. (2018)
    Electron bubbles in liquid helium form an interesting quantum mechanical system. The electron bubbles can be cavitated by introducing a critical negative pressure in the form of sound waves. Experiments suggest that there ...
  • In Situ Micro-Raman Spectroscopy of Rubrene Single Crystals 

    Piet, Joseph (2019)
    Raman Spectroscopy is the measure of different energy levels of a substance that allows you to see structural information of your substance. Raman Spectroscopy was performed on the organic semiconductor Rubrene ...
  • Characterization of PrIr4Sb8Sn4 Using X – Ray Diffraction 

    Wile, Jessica M. (2019)
    Crystals of the composition PrIr4Sb8Sn4 were grown using methods that are described. An initial attempt to determine the crystal structure was made using small crystals and x-ray diffraction methods. Experimental difficulties ...
  • 6-D Lattice Phase Transformations in Viral Maturation 

    Bhullar, Abhjeet (2019)
    In this paper we will show how to use the fundamentals of the math of quasi-crystallography to model the maturation of viral capsids. Viruses have had a deep influence on the evolution of life, with traces of this influence ...
  • In vivo Optical Measurement of Bone Strength Using Raman Spectroscopy 

    Emenheiser, Anna M. (2019)
    Although there are a variety of clinical techniques to measure bone mineralization and structure, bone mineral density alone is not fully indicative of bone strength. Raman spectroscopy is a technique that provides chemical ...
  • Quantum Computing : "Because nature isn't classical, dammit" 

    Rutledge, Tim (2019)
    Some believe that the exponential growth in classical computing is coming to an end, and with the ongoing development of quantum computers, people may be tempted to consider them as potential replacements to our present ...
  • An Analysis of Mobile Application Development Methodologies 

    Samson, Tanush (2019)
    Looking at the trend over the past few years, it is clear that the need for mobile applications will only get larger from here on out. It is estimated that by the year 2020, mobile apps will generate $188.9 billion in ...
  • Exploring Viral Maturation Pathways Using Normal Mode Flexible Fitting Software 

    Rizzolo, Skylar M. (2019)
    The goal for this research project was to refactor a Normal Mode Flexible Fitting (NMFF) software package for use in research investigating the most energy efficient pathway between the native and mature states of a capsid, ...
  • Utilization of a Chrome Extension to Analyze the Web Browser Window 

    Shaker, Sharif (2019)
    While working as an intern at IBM, the author developed an application called Windex that was designed to search and monitor the global variables of a web browser. The goal of this paper is to outline the process of ...
  • The Challenges Faced by Digital Forensics Investigators In An Ever-Expanding Digital Age 

    Evelyn, Serita (2019)
    With technology continuing to grow at such a fast rate, investigators are being put to the challenge of collecting and analyzing evidence that potentially contains harmful information. Some of the challenges that they face ...
  • Product Development : A Case Study 

    Roberts, Scott (2019)
    Outlined in the following pages is a case study of Bundle, an incubated startup within IBM. The author worked to build out the initial product for launch in the fall of 2018. The creation of that product is the focus of ...
  • The Building of a Travel Application for Android Mobile 

    Thornton, Noah (2019)
    The author spent the summer building an Android mobile app that would allow users to find new places to travel to based on their individual travel preferences. The app would ask the user a series of questions about what ...
  • Sojourners : A Sojourn in Video Game Development 

    McCabe, Nicolas (2018)
    This paper details the development process for an indie action-adventure role player game called Sojourners. Sojourners started as a small passion project and grew to include a small development team. The focus of this ...
  • An Examination of Current Flaws in Social Media and Media Aggregation and Possible Solutions With an App : Stakswipe 

    Mitchell, Michael (2019)
    Social media and media aggregation offer many advantages to traditional media and fits better with the increasingly connected nature of the internet age. Though this shift has brought a beneficial change to topics and ...

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