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CACHE Digital Archive (College Academic and Historical Experience) is a digital platform that collects, preserves, and distributes digital material. The Kalamazoo College Archives contains a broad range of materials on the 185-year history of Kalamazoo College, including administrative records, biographical files, publications, scrapbooks, photographs, and more.

At this time many of our archived materials are scanned and shared via PDF where a limited amount of metadata is stored. If you would like to work with a specific material and require accommodations due to a physical or mental impairment we are here to help! For accommodations in using archived materials please email the College Archivist at

Recent Submissions

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    A brief overview of Human Resources and Business Navigations
    (2023-11-01) Perez, Taina M.; Udayanganie, Darshana
    In this guide it shows the broad understanding of important aspects of the business world can be obtained by starting with Employee Relations, Human Resources (HR), Microsoft Excel, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) test, and other business-related topics. HR, which is the foundation of an effective firm, includes workplace culture and talent management. The study of employee relations explores the complexities of handling conflicts and having productive conversations at work. HR professionals use the SHRM test as a standard to certify their knowledge. Microsoft Excel is a flexible tool that improves data analysis and decision-making. We also look into other business interests, such marketing, finance, operations, and entrepreneurship, all of which present different chances in the ever-changing field of business jobs. All these components work together to provide a thorough foundation for what students may use after college or an idea of what can be decided as a career plan.
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    Comprehensive Summary of an Online Skill Building Experience for an Aspiring Accountant
    (2023-11-01) Gheen, Griffin; Udayanganie, Darshana
    The primary purpose of this project was to enhance my current understanding of accounting and business, while building my Microsoft Excel knowledge and skills in order to pursue my postgraduate goal of becoming an accountant. I want to become a CPA, a Certified Public Accountant, and to do so requires many hours of rigorous studying, multiple exams, and over a year of practical accounting application in gainful employment (NASBA, 2023). This type of long-term certification cannot be accomplished within the scope of this project, but what can be accomplished is taking the first steps in a mile-long journey. For this project, I selected thirty online learning courses on LinkedIn Learning that would cultivate my knowledge regarding accounting fundamentals, business understanding and management, financial statements and models, and Microsoft Excel and personal skill building. The following section describes key aspects of these courses.
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    Elevating Industries: A Collegiate Exploration into the Genesis and Integration of AI Automation Ventures
    (2023-11-01) Gandikota, Nikhil M.; Udayanganie, Darshana
    This paper was inspired by a long-standing curiosity about how artificial intelligence (AI) is changing contemporary businesses. It is crucial to investigate not just the technical nuances of artificial intelligence (AI), but also its economic implications and the complex relationship between innovation and business operations, as the trend towards automation continues to gain momentum. This paper aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the rationale, development, and application of AI automation in a business setting by carefully analyzing the intricacies involved in this revolutionary process. We will look in-depth at a number of aspects of AI automation in the business world in the following sections. This paper includes the development of AI in the business sector over time, identifying significant turning points and innovations that have led to the field's current standing. Furthermore, this paper will explore the underlying causes that motivate the incorporation of AI into business procedures, closely examining the goals that companies seek to accomplish via automation. This paper will also explore the complex process of designing, developing, and optimizing AI systems for particular business needs. The purpose of this section is to shed light on the technical elements that underpin the development of AI. Furthermore, this paper will include in our analysis the various strategies that companies have used to automate AI. In addition, the paper will examine the difficulties and roadblocks that arose during this revolutionary process, offering a thorough understanding of the complex terrain of AI integration in the business domain. The goal as we go through these sections is to provide readers with a comprehensive understanding of AI automation in businesses, from its conception to practical applications and the ensuing significant economic effects.
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    A comparative analysis of Eastown and Boston Square, Grand Rapids, MI through GIS mapping
    (2023-11-01) Diaz Cabrera, Melissa; Udayanganie, Darshana
    The following paper analyzes Eastown and Boston Square of Grand Rapids, MI through geographic information system (GIS) mapping combined with census data. Eastown is an established community whereas Boston Square is in the process of its area specific plan (ASP). GIS permits objective viewing of communities combined with census data, observations of the effects of urban planning can be made. Beginning with a literature review among the background of urban planning and understanding the multidimensional task it is, cautionary flags can arise within Boston Square.
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    Digging Holes to Owning a Business
    (2023-11-01) Ohren-Hoeft, Jeremiah; Udayanganie, Darshana
    I feel as though this experience was a great way to introduce me to the tasks and responsibilities of owning and operating a small business. Further, I am thankful that I have had the opportunity to work for Saline Sprinkler as both a technician and an intern.

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