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  • How Visual Elements are Able to Speak About Emotions and Movements? Paint to Express Feelings in Reflection of Human Caused Environmental Impacts 

    Cheng, Xiangzhi (Sherry) (2016)
    "My Senior Individualized Project is a studio art painting project conducted under the Department of Art and Art history. The idea of my project changed from admiration of wild animals to the exploration of how visual ...
  • Purple Piece, Primary Shapes Weathervane, Fractal Reflections, and Binary Strip 

    Derks, Daedalian J. (2012)
    "My sculpture Senior Individualized Project consists of a series of sculptures and installations made from construction materials, exploring the themes of geometry and aesthetic appeal. I created four individual pieces ...
  • The Senses : Appetite, Control, and Excess 

    MacInnes, Corinne (2015)
    "Over the course of nearly 12 months, I’ve explored and developed an evolution of concepts for my SIP work and other individualized projects. This development began during the spring of 2014 with my interest in the senses, ...
  • Performancing Sexed Interactions, A Muddy Mastery Performance Series 

    Stamm, Taylor (2012)
    “As my body experiences, I see a reflection of both pleasure and frustration as I interact with the material world. I have considered and acted upon materials in various performances, installations and processes as I think ...
  • Playspace 

    Hunter, Katherine (2015)
    The following document is a narrative and academic reflection on the SIP (Senior Individualized Project) process and final project of Katherine Hunter, a series of works completed for Kalamazoo College that begun in December ...
  • Patchwork Ceramics 

    Ritchie, Nicole (2007)
    The inspiration for this installation of ceramic bowls and serving pieces came from vintage fabrics and Judy Chicago's Dinner Party.
  • Woolshed 

    Eckrich, Annie Belle (2013)
    "How does one create an environment? What does it mean to make a home? By using almost exclusively wool top (the precursor to garment-weight yarn), I have knitted a structure that expands and contracts with the needs of ...
  • What Feeds My Soul 

    Clark, Britnei K. (2008)
    "This project is a reflection of who I am as a person and an artist. It represents the journey of finding myself here at Kalamazoo College. My art has helped me realize the things that I value most in life: family, food, ...
  • Feeling at One 

    Rebhuhn, Christine (2011)
    “My perspective is understood through the relational-cultural theory of feminist counseling psychology. Janet Surrey's theory frames the primary construction of self as in relation to others, that is, organized and understood ...
  • OrangeZest 2011 

    Kalamazoo College (Kalamazoo, Mich. : Kalamazoo College, 2016-09-19)
    Contents: Life at K, Land Sea, On & Off Campus, Study Abroad/ Study Away, Awards, Athletics, Commencement, and Special Thanks. To obtain permission to reproduce, please contact the Kalamazoo College Archives at ...
  • Artifacts from the Collection of Franklin William Rosenfeld, or, The Pseudo-Museum 

    Swearer, Keeney Angell (2013)
    “Museums are often regarded as sources of knowledge in the form of the artifacts that they collect, and the information that accompanies these artifacts. I am interested in the authority that accompanies this information ...
  • White Noise 

    Lundberg, Joanna N. Y. (2007)
    “As an artist, I am interested in exploring the boundaries between technology and the human body as they are increasingly revealed as tenuous, shifting, and unstable. The technological artifact or tool can no longer be ...
  • From Loss to Growth and Prosperity 

    Bouchard, Olivia (2015)
    “We live within a dynamic, renewable and interconnected ecosystem, and yet, the relevance of biodiversity in our world is not obvious. Each individual member, from butterfly to human, plays a critical role. A small change ...
  • Tim Rollins and KOS : A Breakdown of Theory and Practice 

    Garn, Megan (2011)
    The author presents her summer internship at a camp sponsored by the Boulder (CO) Museum of Contemporary Art and a program at the Denver Museo de las Americas and explores the theories and practices of Tim Rollins and the ...
  • Celebrating Desire and Female Pleasure : A Party 

    Taylor-Havens, Sophie (2016)
    “Celebrating Desire and Female Pleasure: A Party is a participatory, social practice installation made up of five pieces that work together to bring attention to and celebrate desire and female pleasure through a positive ...
  • You're Just Fattening Me Up to Eat Me, Aren't You 

    Findley, Susan (2010)
    The real purpose in these plates was to establish a dialogue between viewers, to get people to talk about their eating habits and obesity as it relates to American life. While we are not the only country to suffer from an ...
  • Microcosm : Attraction and Repulsion 

    Smith, Christina M. (2010)
    A mold, by nature, does not make objects that are unique or original. A cast form is a shadow of the original model, a copy of a copy. The casts that come out of my molds cannot stand alone; to me, they are inherently ugly ...
  • Social Design : Understanding the Influence of Physical Surroundings on Social Interactions 

    Knoll, Hannah (2013)
    “Social interactions shape our surroundings and define our communities. Physical elements and objects that influence these encounters are of particular interest to me. I work with them in an attempt to enhance the experience ...
  • Past in Stone 

    Burnett, Laura V. (2012)
    “Throughout my life, as I have traveled across the world, I have admired the equilibrium between beauty and fact, technicality and creativity and how they sustain each other through their differences. As both a Mathematics ...
  • Not Simply Looking : Working Towards Stimulating and Simulating a Response through Sculpture 

    Montz, Jacob John (2014)
    When looking at painting and sculpture we experience two very different realities and modes of art. With painting and the rest of two-dimensional art we are given a window into another world. In this way the painting, ...

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