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  • Implementing the First Tee 

    Veenhuis, Travis G. (Kalamazoo, Mich. : Kalamazoo College., 2019)
    The purpose of the Implementation of The First Tee was to provide young children in the Kalamazoo area an opportunity to learn valuable life lessons through the great game of golf. In addition, the program was also designed ...
  • Knowledge 4 College : By College Students for Promise Students 

    Smith, Amy L., 1967- (Kalamazoo, Mich. : Kalamazoo College., 2019)
    This zine is dedicated to all students eligible for the Kalamazoo Promise. By studying The Promise, we discovered that there are many non-academic skills that can help students thrive in college. We asked current KPS ...
  • When Horse and Hero Fell: A History of Warfare Through LIterature 

    Heslinger, Mallory (Kalamazoo College, 2019-04)
    The program for the spring 2019 exhibit "When Horse and Hero Fell: A History of Warfare Through Literature" held at the A.M. Todd Rare Book Room. It showcases how "Stories of war had shifted from a glorious king’s ...
  • A.M. Todd and the Case of the Rare Books 

    Heslinger, Mallory (Kalamazoo College, 2019-01)
    A mystery-themed exhibit titled "A.M. Todd and the Case of the Rare Books" was held during Winter Quarter 2019. It investigated A.M. Todd's motive for collecting rare books and donating them to Kalamazoo College.
  • Chamber of Secrets: Forgotten Titles of the A.M. Todd Rare Book Room 

    Heslinger, Mallory (Kalamazoo College, 2018-09)
    The exhibit "Chamber of Secrets: Forgotten Titles of the A.M. Todd Rare Book Room" was held during Fall Quarter 2018. It highlighted "ancient tomes written on parchment, books on the magical art of alchemy, some of the ...
  • Game of Thrones: Murderous Plots and Rivalries in the Time of Mary Queen of Scots 

    Murphy, Lisa (Kalamazoo College, 2018-04)
    The program for the spring 2018 A.M. Todd Rare Book Room exhibit "Game of Thrones: Murderous Plots and Rivalries in the Time of Mary Queen of Scots." In this exhibit, the story of Mary Queen of Scots is brought to life ...
  • "K" Sophomore Wins Campus Leadership Award 

    Greenhoe, John (Kalamazoo College, 1997-06-06)
    The 1997 Amy Trenkle Campus Leadership Award was given to Chris Dragisic, K'99.
  • Alien Invasion! Invasive Insect Species of Michigan and the Midwest 

    Michayluk, Sarah (2010)
    Artist’s Statement: “Upon taking an entomology course at Kalamazoo College, my dislike and fear of bugs and insects transformed into a great fascination of the small creatures and the miniature world they inhabit. After ...
  • Vanitas (Corner 1) : an Art SIP 

    Baillie, Margaret G. (Maggie) (2011)
    Artist’s Statement: “My project is rooted in that theoretical point, wherein polar opposites cease to be so, dreamlike imagery becomes tangible and dichotomies exist together, pleasurably. The hardened, sculptural canvas ...
  • Escape From Reality 

    Zwalua, Jessica (2011)
    The document that follows describes the entire process I went through during my senior project, in detail, and what led me to choose the theme, "Escape from Reality". It gives an account of my painting processes, my art ...
  • Re-Conceptions : Women in Art : a Studio Art SIP 

    Malyn, Hannah (2007)
    Artist's Statement: "The place of women in the art world has always been unsure. Both as artists and as subjects of art, women are forced to accept the place that is given to them. As subjects, they become objects or ...
  • Gut 

    Davis, Jessamyn (2009)
    Artist’s Statement: “My SIP, "Gut," has been in the making, physically, since the beginning of winter, but I have been working out the thought processes surrounding it for some years now. I see this exhibition as a stop ...
  • New School of Kalamazoo Painting 

    Aiken, Eric (2010)
    Artist's Statement: "There comes a time when we as artists have to look beyond the body of work and focus more on the artists at work. That was goal of this mural project. It was to do just that, look at artists as working ...
  • With Wings of Steel 

    Forsythe, Lizzy (2010)
    The artist writes "there is an incontrovertible similarity between the mass of information accessible to an individual and the rough chaos of a pile of scrap steel. No matter how it is arranged, there always seems to be ...
  • Rusting Brains Make Pretty Places: a Painting SIP 

    Sheldon, Sara (2010)
    Artist’s Statement: “Hanging at the center of each gallery wall, at a sixty-inch eye level, my work follows a tradition of exhibiting art in the "white cube." These pieces, each representative of a map or landscape that ...
  • Office Anxiety, Office Boredom, Office Monotony 

    Hammerly, Allison (2015)
    "Office Anxiety, Office Boredom, Office Monotony" is a series of eight digital illustrations that deal with the psychological effects of boredom and monotony on the human mind, using the office workplace as a setting. The ...
  • Collection of Wounds 

    Gaunt, Lauren (2015)
    This paper details the artist's process in creating the series of seven acrylic paintings, Collection of. Wounds. The collection is a result of a personal fascination with skin and the human body. The artist uses photographs ...
  • An Installation SIP 

    Smith, Caitlyn (2014)
    The artist writes “I continue to eat meat, but I do not want to watch an animal die. In my work, I focus on the relationship that we have with eating flesh, or in most cases, the relationship we avoid. In this project, I ...
  • Vulnerabilities : an Emotional Exploration in the Voices of Survivors 

    Rayas, Anna (2015)
    Vulnerabilities is a collection of pieces created for my senior individualized project (SIP) which addresses issues surrounding how sexual violence and violence against women affects survivors and their perceptions of their ...
  • Cruzando Fronteras 

    Aguilar, Donna (2015)
    I grew up with stories that my mom would tell me about her childhood and her customs in Guatemala. She would tell me that I was lucky to be born in the United States because I have so many opportunities that she did not ...

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